There is always the possibility for change, for growth, for renewal…

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Bespoke Coaching, Personal Development Workshops, Webinars and Restorative Wellness Retreats

I work with clients around the world, helping them to find clarity and direction to achieve their goals, conquer their fears, resolve conflict, and live happier, more fulfilling and well-balanced lives.

I offer a wide range of services to suit all needs: Bespoke Coaching, Personal Development Workshops, Webinars and Wellness Retreats.


"Your life is not determined by chance, it’s determined by choice. It’s not what happens, but how we choose to respond to it. It’s about being proactive rather than reactive. We can challenge our limiting beliefs, find our purpose and create the life we want to live."




“Working with Alice has been such a great help for my work! She has given me tools to strengthen focus, productivity and enjoyment in all my endeavours, that I will carry forward in all that I do. Her energy and enthusiasm is always a lift.”

Sofia Coppola

(Oscar-winning writer & director)

“Alice is a remarkable teacher and an effective and involved coach. Her extensive leadership coaching experience allows her to quickly understand the context, issues and challenges and tailor her training to your specific needs. I worked with Alice in very intensive sessions to prepare for a particularly difficult interview and I consider that her coaching was decisive in my success. In addition, she is extremely friendly and charming and you immediately feel comfortable and confident with her.”

Chantal B


“I cannot recommend Alice’s workshops more highly. Original, sparky, creative – Alice guides you to move forward to help you achieve your goals – with brilliant, practical tools combined with her gentle support and understanding and wonderful sense of humour. I did not want the course to end!”

Henrietta Courtauld

The Land Gardeners