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Bespoke Coaching, Personal Development Workshops, Webinars and Restorative Wellness Retreats

We work with clients around the world, helping them to find clarity and direction to achieve their goals, conquer their fears, resolve conflict, and live happier, more fulfilling and well-balanced lives.

We also help clients to prepare for specific events where they need both practical and emotional support, such as interviews, presentations, speeches, fraught family gatherings and difficult conversations.

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Bespoke Coaching

One-to-one sessions with Alice are either in person or over Zoom. These can target specific issues such as Self Esteem, Finding Direction, Confidence in Presentations, Interview Preparation, Transforming Limited Beliefs, clarifying and achieving goals, etc.

  • In-depth introductory session:

    (90 minutes)

  • A one-off single session whenever needed

    (60 mins)

  • Generative Coaching

  • Block of 6 sessions

    (each 60 mins)

Bespoke Workshops & Webinars

We offer a variety of motivational workshops, tailored to the audience and the age group.

Inspirational Talks

Alice has been invited by schools, companies and charities to give live talks or webinars to address relevant issues. See the Testimonials page for feedback from many happy attendees.

Whether you participate in coaching, workshops or retreats, Alice will always weave in some great positive mindset practices to help you alleviate stress, get more perspective, feel more confident, balanced and happier about life.


Restorative Wellness Retreats

The perfect opportunity to find some peace and quiet to focus on your well-being and reflect on what really matters to you.

A chance to re-energise your mind, body and soul, and find a renewed sense of purpose, and overcome obstacles that are holding you back.

A safe space to focus on where you are in your life and start thinking about how you can live a life more in alignment with your values.

Our restorative wellness retreats are often interwoven with yoga or holistic dance sessions which makes a perfect combination.

A private chef prepares delicious plant-based, well-balanced meals so it’s also an opportunity to detox and re balance your system.


Day Retreats in Berkshire

We organise a variety of Day Retreats with different themes combined with lunch, swimming, sauna, walks, etc.


Residential Retreats in Berkshire

Situated in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, we combine Personal Development Coaching with Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness. The schedule provides you with the time and space to relax and reflect on all the areas covered in the sessions. With freedom to explore the grounds, sit by the river, snooze under a tree, swim or go for a walk along the canal, you can feel invigorated and uplifted by the abundance of nature around you.


Residential Retreats in Burgundy, France

Chateau Les Arcis is the perfect place for a 4-Day Retreat.

We organise a variety of Restorative Wellness Retreats in Burgundy, depending on the time of year. Please see the website for more photos.

Forthcoming Webinars and Workshops

We are constantly adding to our programme of events. Contact us or sign up to our mailing list below so we can keep you informed of upcoming webinars, workshops and events.